A place to unapologetically be ourselves.

A place to belong.

A place to share what makes us - us.

Who is your Us?

Maybe it’s your family, your friends, or just you & your mom (shoutout to all the moms). Whoever it is, you feel better when they’re around. You love sharing everything, but maybe you just don’t want them blowing up your spot on social media (you know who you are, mom).

Ussie is an app designed with your relationships in mind. Privately share photos of your post-workout glory, choices for tonight’s date night outfit, or links to your secret favorite music videos (your love of Kelly Clarkson can be on a need-to-know basis). Talk with people you actually like — it’s better than just getting likes.

Whatever gets you going, Ussie is built to let you share it with the ones that get it. Just Us.